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when I try to use Management Studio to attach to the .mdf file There's not really a gentle way to say this: Stop doing that. The GUI is full of bugs and bad defaults; more importantly, unless you take a screencast, we have no way to identify exactly what steps you're taking as you point and click your way through the GUI. Log in as a system ...


You are running SQL Server build 9.00.5294.00 that is more current than SP4 which is 9.00.5000. Your server has already been updated. (http://sqlserverbuilds.blogspot.com/) (Build 7601: Service Pack 1) is the version of the operating system.


If you want to be sure that you're backups are going to tape, you need to periodically recall the tapes and restore the backups. We recall tapes once every three months to do this, it seems like a lot of effort but it is not overkill if you value having offsite backups.


If something is still setup on the secondary server you need to run sp_delete_log_shipping_secondary_database there. You can clear the log shipping configuration on the primary by executing sp_delete_log_shipping_primary_secondary USE master; GO EXEC master.dbo.sp_delete_log_shipping_primary_secondary @primary_database = N'<PrimaryDatabase>' ...


You need to know who the user is and that information needs to be accessible through the view. CREATE VIEW dbo.tPatientForUser AS SELECT patient_id, name, address, gender, loginame FROM tPatient WHERE loginame = SUSER_SNAME(); Or, depending on your application you might need: WHERE loginame = ORIGINAL_LOGIN(); This can help you filter the rows to ...


The destination path for the LSCopy job has to be an UNC Path for all practical purposes, to make things simpler to debug I would reccomend not to use the default \d$ shares as you will have to change the permissions on them but connecting to \localhost\c$ is a network connection. Now the error ***Error: Not enough server storage is available to process ...


Will suggest you to go through this whitepaper SQL Server 2012 Upgrade Technical Guide, to get a proper understanding on what all is needed for the activity. There are many points which would be need to be think upon, i.e. Just upgrading by keeping the compatibility level at a older version is not real upgrade. Evaluate at using some of the new features ...

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