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Sure : select * from database_n.dbo.Table_1 UNION ALL select * from database_n+1.dbo.Table_1 UNION ALL select * from database_n+2.dbo.Table_1 -- etc.


The CPU time is tiny compared to the amount of actual time. The second time the query runs, it's fast - presumably once the data is in RAM (being one of the few things which benefits from the second run). Sounds to me like the problem isn't SQL, but the disk. Notice the PAGEIOLATCH waits increasing while your query runs. Have a look at what's happening on ...


You will need to create a master key on the new server - if it does not exit already. USE MASTER; GO if not exists (select 1 from sys.symmetric_keys where name = '##MS_DatabaseMasterKey##') CREATE MASTER KEY ENCRYPTION BY PASSWORD = 'Strong_Password'; Then you have to restore your certificate: CREATE CERTIFICATE serverCert FROM FILE = ...

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