Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express Edition was released in May 2012. It is most notable for being the first release to include the lightweight LocalDB.

SQL Server 2012 Express Edition is limited to 10GB of data files per database (but this does not include FILESTREAM data or log files), 1GB memory per instance, and a single processor (up to four cores). It is available in the following packages:


  • LocalDB only

Management Studio Tools

  • Management Studio
  • LocalDB

SQL Server Express

  • Database engine only

Express with Tools and LocalDB

  • Database engine
  • Management Studio
  • LocalDB

Express with Advanced Services

  • Database Engine
  • Management Studio
  • Business Intelligence Development Studio
  • Reporting Services
  • Full Text Search
  • LocalDB
  • Profiler (SP1 onward)

No 2012 Express package includes SQL Server Agent.

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