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Personally I would create another job and schedule it to run each morning at 7am. A job step within that job could execute something like USE msdb ; GO EXEC dbo.sp_stop_job N'<Your job name>' ;


It turns out that when I added the Agent login explicitly to SQL, and gave it sysadmin, then it could run remotely. Even though NT SERVICE\SQLSERVERAGENT is already there as sysadmin.


It sounds like you need to create a credential and then use that with a proxy account. I had that issue when I was running a remote script via the agent and the credential/proxy resolved the problem for me. You can refer to this post where someone had a similar issue/solution. Note the caveats about permissions, you could use your account for the ...


In Sql Server: just go to security->schema->dbo.. Double click dbo... then click on permission tab->(blue font)view database permission and feel free to scroll for required fields like "execute"....help yourself with choosing....and grant,with grant or deny controls....hope this will help

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