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I had the same exact issue. My SQL job would hang and say "Executing..." and never complete. Add "--trust-model always" to your .bat file. Basically your .bat file runs when you run it manually because you're the owner. It trusts you. When you run the .bat as a different user, the cmd will actually display a warning and ask you if you trust it. ...


Another option, if you expect to be "playing" around with the jobs order very often, you can follow the following steps. We use it extensively and it works flawlessly. create a dummy step that just let it run tsql code like: WAITFOR DELAY '00:00:01' select Quit the job reporting success behavior for On success action on Advanced tab of step ...


You can't disable a particular job step. You have two options, the way I see it: Change the job to have the "start step" as your second step, and have the second step's "on success action" to quit the job (if there are subsequent steps) Create a separate job with the step's logic and then only use the new job that does the work


yes you can, using the UI. Select alerts and create one alert for the failure and one for the success conditions Then, select notifications and and tick email and on the combo, select when Job completes. Note: Job will complete Either with success or failure. However the alert, will determine what message to send out. Enjoy!

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