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Three suspects tempdb A big query may use tempdb It may use it for spool, hash match, and spool Can cap the size of tempdb Can find this in SSMS log If you are in full recovery mode then a select may use the transaction log. You can cap the size the transaction log but then the query just does not run. Can find this in SSMS Can change the recovery ...


Is this SQL Server local to the machine in which you are running SSMS on or remote server? The page file could be causing issues.... but usually that is a set size, maybe you could shrink it... but yes typically you need to locate where the data file is and the log file is for the database you are working with or tempdb's and look at those...


Is your database in Recovery Model Full and do you run anything that changes data? Then it's probably the Transaction log files, you can find their Location by right clicking on the database Name in the object Explorer, select Properties and on the Files page you can see the Path for the File Type "LOG".


There are multiple entries because you can be granted the same permission multiple times, from different "grantors". If that principal (i.e. the "grantee") were already granted that same permission from two grantors, then you would see three entries for that same permission on this screen. For the "duplicate" entries that you are seeing, the one with the ...

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