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Only administrators may connect at this time. Sounds like the UI has issued ALTER DATABASE ... SET RESTRICTED_USER and then hung. This hasn't actually hung SQL Server, it has only prevented non-admin users from connecting. You could get around this by making your application use sa - I'm kidding. Honestly, stop using the UI for log backups - it's not ...


Have you checked if any previous versions of SQL are installed ? If so, delete them first, and the related components and try again running as an administrator


Disabling AVG anti-virus software before starting the install setup allowed me to avoid this problem.


SQLCMD can be used to export data. The default output is sometimes unwieldy for that, but you can use some command-line options to turn off the headers, trim trailing spaces, and to use a comma separator instead of the default space: sqlcmd -Q "SET NOCOUNT ON; SELECT TOP(10) name, object_id, type FROM sys.objects;" ^ -h-1 -W -s "," Returns: ...


I am guessing that the following post is the basis of what you are currently using: Centralized Asynchronous Auditing with Service Broker. While I really like Service Broker, I don't feel that it is the best fit to address this particular situation. The main concerns that I have with Service Broker, at least in this particular scenario, are: It is ...


By way of an example for using a table-valued-parameter to pass the details into your stored proc, take a look at this: Cleanup the test-bed objects, if they already exist: USE tempdb; IF EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM sys.triggers t WHERE t.name = 'TriggerTest1') DROP TRIGGER dbo.TriggerTest1; IF EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM sys.sql_modules sm INNER JOIN ...


You could send the xml data in predefined chunks by using something like the trigger in the following setup. Create the testbed in tempdb: USE tempdb; IF EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM sys.triggers t WHERE t.name = 'TriggerTest_Chunked') DROP TRIGGER dbo.TriggerTest_Chunked; IF EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM sys.tables t WHERE t.name = 'TriggerTest') DROP TABLE ...

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