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Reading your latest comment, you can begin with a composite key for uniqueness. There can be a key for the Master table itself + key(s) coming from user's project. You may or may not have more/less keys per individual project tables. However, combining with the set of keys per project table, you'll have a set that'll be unique and still be able to ...


this query will get you the results you wanted for your example CREATE TABLE tracking(name VARCHAR(50), cnt INT); INSERT INTO tracking VALUES( 'Maddoc 74',229), ('M74',21), ('Maddoc7',14), ('John Smith',215), ('jsmith',47), ('johns',19), ('Anna Kellog',251), ('akellog',67), ('annak',14); WITH cte AS( SELECT ...


Your available size is just the size left in your database file. It will autogrow if it is needed until your own specified limit or until your database reaches the sql server edition limit.


I found a solution. Maybe someone could expand on this, because I don't fully understand it. When I opened Management Studio as MyMachineName\SQLEXPRESS which I normally do, attached the database there, I couldn't access it through MyMachineName\SQLEXPRESS in the connection string. However, when I reopened Managment Studio as MyMachineName, attached the ...

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