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I have had no problems with it. No problems there either. Intellisense works against 2008 (not 2005 of course).


Reading between the lines, I guess the expectation/plan was for the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) project type to be extended to SSMS for the release of SQL 2012. Evidently that didn't happen, so we're stuck with the (frankly dreadful) SSMS interpretation of a project. If you want something to manage your database source, you should be diving deep into SSDT. ...


Is creating a linked server on one of those an option? If so you could probably do this using something similar to the following query (untested): INSERT INTO Server1.db1.dbo.Table1 SELECT * FROM dbo.Table2 EXCEPT SELECT * FROM Server1.db1.dbo.Table1 If not, then maybe take a look at SQL Server replication


Instead of relying on SSMS (its flakey sometimes - you might have to refresh, etc), always use T-SQL. Below script will provide you comprehensive result of what permissions you have set (filter out as per your need) /* ****I cant find the reference, but very descriptive script(I have it in my repository for years now - very useful for auditing).**** ...


Consider the free Schema Surf for SQL Server from Atlantis Interactive.


Try Toad for Sql Server They have a freeware version. http://toadforsqlserver.com/index.jspa


I would encourage you to try Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler even if you are working with SQL Server. Its free and you can create models for Oracle, SQL Server and DB2.


I see that you found that TableDiffGui has bugs. Have you tried using TableDiff directly? You might not run into the same problems.


What I did was create a new folder and then save the changes to that folder. You have to close out of SSMS and reopen to see it; you can use the same name for the template in a different folder. You could also save as inthe original folder and add the company name or something else (like A_) to put them together at the top of the list.

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