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I searched for "SQLite storage space" and this was the second link: https://www.sqlite.org/fileformat2.html All the information you could possibly want there. You cannot exactly work out how much storage space a given data set will use because it depends on how it was created (deletes tend to cause fragmentation for example, which means more space than ...


I have good experience with Full Convert.


The answer will depend upon what tools you have available. What database system are you trying to get the data into? Oracle? Sql server? Windows machine or unix box? One alternative could be install software on a 3rd machine. (your PC?) Extract the data and convert it into a suitable format to import. Another option could be to export the data to a .csv ...


ODBC as just an interface between applications and drivers. It is impossible to create an ODBC connection without using some installed driver.


thank you for your answers. I am using SQLite3 local on my laptop for testing purpose, I am not sure what the "real" database will be. So for that reason and because it does not seem easy to restrict values in a certain range, I have solved my problem in the software itself. Using the "AND" condition to check if values are in the interval I want: "UPDATE ...

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