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At this moment, if you want a more up to date replacement for sqlplus, I would say, go for SQLcl. It is part of sqldeveloper and has a lot of nice features you always wanted to have but were afraid to ask for. You can download it for free here sql-developer/downloads (check bottom of page for SQLcl download) It has keyword completion column and tablename ...


Unfortunately Oracle does not have anything like for example IF EXISTS in MySQL. You can do the above in a PL/SQL block, catch the exception, then do nothing with it. begin execute immediate 'drop table continent'; exception when others then null; end; /


When you use SQLPlus and make a bequeath connection (e.g., not going through the listener and not specifying the SID/Service Name in the connect string or using a TNS alias), SQLPlus/Oracle uses the combination of ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME to uniquely identify the instance that it connects to. Important to note: You may have multiple instances running on ...


You need to terminate the SQL statement with a semicolon (;) or a put a slash (/) in the new line instead of hitting Enter. For example: select * from dual;. Otherwise SQLPlus will believe you have not finished your SQL statement, and it starts counting the lines. 2 is actually a line number, it is the 2nd line of your SQL statement. If you type nothing here ...

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