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You can put your cube formula in a separate cell and reference the cell where users type in the name they want. For example, if you have users put the branch name in cell B2, you can put this formula in another cell. =cubemember("Connection","[DimBranch].[Name].[All].[" & B2 & "])"


You can't recycle the SSAS log in a similar manner to SQL Server. You need to do this manually by building a script and then scheduling it to run either inside of SQL Agent or Windows Task Scheduler. Here is a sample Powershell script you can use: [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("Microsoft.AnalysisServices") #Get a list of installed SSAS ...


You cannot restrict it, but you can turn logging into msmdsrv.log off completely (or change location for this file). In server properties, choose "Show Advanced (All) properties", and then change the Log \ File one. Or a batch file to move and delete it (daily or monthly etc).

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