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You answered your own question. You simply install another instance of SSAS.


I've come to the conclusion that what i wan't is not possible in MDX. But it don't need to be. I also realized MDX is not SQL. SQL returns a dataset. MDX returns a dataset and metadata. Combine the two and I get what I wanted. Pulling up my original query into an Excel PivotTable it was exactly what I was after. So it came down to SSMS limitations at ...


You have to change the collation settings either in your queries or in SSAS. There are several different options so the important question is do you use SSAS for other databases than the Croatian_CI_AS one. If so you can pepper all your queries with collate Latin1_General_CI_AS to make sure that you get the data in the Latin1 collation into the cubes. If ...


MSDN states: The value of the AttributeHierarchyEnabled property determines whether an attribute hierarchy is created. If this property is set to False, the attribute hierarchy is not created and the attribute cannot be used as a level in a user hierarchy; the attribute hierarchy exists as a member property only. However, a disabled attribute hierarchy ...

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