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You can't, ish, is the short answer. You have 3 ish components in a data flow task that can modify data. OLE DB/ADO.NET Destination, OLE DB Command and a Script Component. I'm ignoring Script Component for this answer as it's the swiss army knife of components. If you want to do something badly enough, the Script Component will allow you to. Whether ...


Something has happened such that the source column doesn't exist any more and the mapping is broken. In the bottom drop down, "spaltzenzuodnungsoption..." there should be 3? options. You want the one that says delete. This will remove all the mappings so you can start over.


From SQL 2012 onwards, there is the WITH RESULT SETS option, which makes it easy to use the output from the OUTPUT clause with no sticky issues in SSIS not understanding the metadata for the resultset, eg you can use the output from an OUTPUT clause in SSIS Source components, eg OLE DB Source. I set up a simple example using a stored procedure with MERGE ...


If you're going to use SSIS, may I suggest you use it? ;) What I believe you are attempting to do is insert some data that doesn't already exist in the target. You have identified what data needs to go using your min/max logic and you attempted to do a similar operation for the target. For starters, the OLE DB Command is something you should use sparingly. ...

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