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Reports should be stored in the Catalog table in the SSRS database, you should be able to create a report based off the contents of the Catalog table...


Yes. You would need to write your own custom web app to interact with each SSRS instance. You would do all of this using the .NET library around SSRS, it includes methods and such for interacting with reports in SSRS. A small/basic example:


The reason I was getting the error message is because I was supplying the scope (dataset) in the wrong place. The scope needs to be supplied as the second argument of the aggregate function. I was incorrrectly supplying the scope as part of the left function (which is not an aggregate function) instead of the SUM function. Below is what the working ...


The URL to manage the reports is different than the URL to execute the reports (the RDLs files) You can check it in the Report Configuration. Regards, Martín G

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