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The reason I was getting the error message is because I was supplying the scope (dataset) in the wrong place. The scope needs to be supplied as the second argument of the aggregate function. I was incorrrectly supplying the scope as part of the left function (which is not an aggregate function) instead of the SUM function. Below is what the working ...


The URL to manage the reports is different than the URL to execute the reports (the RDLs files) You can check it in the Report Configuration. Regards, Martín G


I believe you cannot do that. But, I came across something similar answered on the forum already. You can achieve a similar effect by following the steps in the link below. Please go through the below link and check if it might be useful to you. Credits to the original author who answered the question.


This simple query on MSDB should get you started: SELECT s2.subsystem AS [TypeOfJobStep]-- when subsystem = 'SSIS' then 'SSIS job step' , s2.command AS [JobStepCommand] , AS [JobName] FROM dbo.sysjobs AS s JOIN dbo.sysjobsteps AS s2 ON s2.job_id = s.job_id You can identify SSRS subscriptions because their name will be alternating ...


Will running a large query on a secondary database in an availability group affect transaction performance in the primary database? It depends on the sync mode you have used when configuring Availability group - Sync or Async ! On Secondary replica, all the transactions use Snapshot Isolation level ONLY and all locking hints are ignored as well. That's ...


To anyone who cares, Our SQL 2008 instance was not on SP3. After installing SP3 everything looks to have taken care of itself.

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