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why it expects for 1 row (in Clustered index seek), when I specify recompile That is fine. Somewhat confusingly the estimated rows on the inside of a nested loops join are per execution of the operator. A seek into a primary key will indeed return 1 row (or 0 if the value doesn't exists at all). In your case you have 2,000 seeks all returning 1 row ...


Unfortunately after searching SolarWinds' KB for about 10 minutes I cannot find what "Ineffective Statistics" measures. That information would be helpful. However, based on your question I'll infer that it means that the Statistics objects may be out of date or have taken quite a few modifications and Database Performance Analyzer has not detected an update ...


In the installation center for SQL server 2016 you have two options: Standalone R server and built-in. So far I have successfully tested built-in option on Developer edition. It allows you to run R script from SSMS after you enable it.


First of all, and perhaps most importantly, albatrosses are not unlucky. They are in fact considered a good omen. In the poem, the young sailor shoots it with his crossbow, and it is this reckless act that is considered unlucky. Second of all, SQL Server uses a technique called trie trees, for string statistics. These are not well documented but get a ...

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