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Well I have some ideas which could cause this behavior. Do you monitor your memory pressure? Maybe your queries raise a certain limit which will cause the flush of the plan cache. I don't know your application, but does this correspondent with your logs from your frontend servers? Is there pressure too during this time? Do you have a dedicated SQL Server ...


I assume you are talking about the same query, executing with different indexes. You can't just arbitrarily compare 2 totally different queries that do 2 different things. As Aaron stated in the comments, I can compare my 2001 VW to a 2015 Camaro and there will be no correlation, the Camaro may go faster but that's because it has a bigger engine. ...


The statistics are produced from the values in the columns. As these values are not changed by VACUUM FULL or even by VACUUM, a fresh ANALYZE is not specifically required. If the database is in a maintenance window, it's a good opportunity to run it, though. Its execution time is likely to be insignificant compared to VACUUM FULL. By default, a DBA will ...


Have you tried something like: SELECT COUNT(url) AS My_Count FROM tablename GROUP BY url ORDER BY My_Count DESC LIMIT 10 ;

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