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I answered an old question like this Feb 25, 2014 : Questions since MySQL Startup In that post, I described how everything MySQL executes to retrieve info is a question. I also mentioned how a billion questions is no big deal (See my ServerFault post 1 billion mysql queries in 24 days? Can something be wrong?) Here is the difference Queries : The number ...


Run ANALYZE after the index has been added. And make sure the column deprovision has statistics. How to verify? Basic statistics in pg_class: SELECT relname, relkind, reltuples, relpages FROM pg_class WHERE oid = 'schema_defs'::regclass; Data histograms per column in pg_stats (pg_statistics): SELECT attname, inherited, n_distinct, ...


Further to Sporri's answer - you can check this if you are using SSMS. To view a database snapshot on a server: In Object Explorer, connect to the instance of the Microsoft SQL Server >Database Engine and then expand that instance. Expand Databases. Expand Database Snapshots, and select the snapshot you want to view. When you do this, ...


Yes you would: The original source database is overwritten by the reverted database, so any updates to the database since the snapshot's creation are lost. and The metadata of a reverted database is the same as the metadata at the time of the snapshot. Quotes from Revert a Database to a Database Snapshot in the MSDN Library.

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