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My best guess is, the optimizer uses EQ_ROWS every time the predicate equals (hence the EQ) the value in the sampled histogram.


I tried doing it in MDX but to no avail, therefore I had to use the SSAS User Defined Function to calculate the Avg of Max. The set to calculate Avg (DateSet) across, set to calculate Max across (TimeSet) and a third set to containing the records to be excluded in Max operation, are passed as parameters to the UDF. The basic code is like (presenting the ...


Fatal flaw in filtered indexes/statistics: churn is measured by % of row count for the table, not the index/statistic. Paraphrased from my blog post here: Filtered indexes don't benefit from auto-updating of stats based on a percentage change of the subset of the table that is identified by the filter predicate; it is based (like all non-filtered ...


I still see StatMan operations captured if I use SQL Sentry Plan Explorer PRO against SQL Server 2014: click to enlarge So, not exactly sure what sp_whoisactive is doing differently in this case (I've never used it to analyze statistics creation), but I can assure you that SQL Server 2014 still uses StatMan.

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