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I used the database tuning advisor to recommend several statistics, and after applying those in test environment with a restored backup of the database in question, performance was significantly better. Dont just blindly accept what the DTA suggest. Instead it should be thoroguhly analyzed before jumping on a conclusion. Would it be a potential ...


Would it be a potential bottle neck on performance if a statistic had already been created automatically for the same column(s) by SQL Sever and my script creates a duplicate statistic? Surely you can write your script such that it detects such a duplicate statistic, instead of just blindly creating another one (possibly multiple times)? We do this for ...


Filtered indexes and statistics won't come into play when you're using local variables. Tim Chapman's MSDN blog post explains with examples.


This is SQL Server updating the statistics on a table. It can be triggered automatically when about 20% of the data in your table changes, or on demand if you run jobs that update statistics. You have a few ways to lessen the pain. You can enable asynchronous statistics updates, which lets SQL Server update stats behind the scenes without blocking other ...

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