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Yes statistics can be created in 3 ways: 1) Statistics created due to index creation. These statistics have the index name 2) Statistics created by Optimizer(Column statistics). Starts with WA* 3) User defined statistics which are created with CREATE STATISTICS command by the DBA ref : https://harshdba.wordpress.com/category/sql-server-statistics/


Those are statistics created with the creation of an index. I guess they somehow infer that the statistics haven't been created as statistics but as a side effect of an index. I've noticed this in my databases before and they just seem to always be index-related. I can't find any documentation proving this though.


yesterday I encountered the same error message when executing the update integrity check on my Dynamics CRM Organization database. Finally I found out, what the reason for this was and it was quite simple. There was not enough space on the disk to perform this action, as mentioned in the event viewer. We already planned to resize the partition holding the ...

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