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You can set that in the storage.config setting within your YAML configuration file. Example: storage: dbPath: d:\data\db engine: mmapv1 If you're not already starting your MongoDB service using a configuration file, see here for the details on how do to that for Windows.


(Sorry for the delay; there are some important issues.) The following things won't explain your mutex questions, but may improve performance such that the questions go away. Observations: Version: 5.5.41-MariaDB-wsrep 3.7 GB of RAM Uptime = 61d 21:40:40 You are not running on Windows. Running 64-bit version You appear to be running entirely (or mostly) ...


If you solve it by adding a secondary index then imho MyISAM or InnoDB won't matter much, as both use B-Tree indexes. Append both additional columns to the index: (col3, col1, col2) or (col3, col2, col1) should behave the same for your query. The reason to add all the columns is that such index covers your query - all data needed to resolve the query are ...

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