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I answered a similar question in Aug 2011 : Which DBMS is good for super-fast reads and a simple data structure? Since you are asking about MySQL and which storage engine. To be honest, it is hard to say because there are rare occasions when MyISAM can outperform InnoDB when it comes to SELECTs. Here are some of my past posts on this controversy Sep 20, ...


If you need foreign key support, then you kind of have no other choice than InnoDB. However, if performance is the concern, MEMORY is the fastest. You have to make sure you have a permanent copy of the tables on disk, and load them into memory after each server restart. If you use other engine, and you enable query caching, you would gain performance with ...


If you are using MySQL 5.6, InnoDB is already the default. Please do not use storage-engine because it is deprecated and probably explains the error. You should use default-storage-engine or default_storage_engine in my.cnf instead [mysqld] default-storage-engine = InnoDB GIVE IT A TRY !!!

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