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No. For ibdata files you have variable innodb_data_file_path=ibdata1:XXXXM:autoextend you can specify one or more but not for individual table spaces.


BIGINT(15) or even BIGINT(18) might not be long enough to store all possible phone numbers. Depending which country and if a PBX is involved 18 digits are not going to be enough. I have seen quite a number of longer ones already. Even so E.164 recommends to not assign phone numbers with more than 15 digits to phone providers world wide, not all of them ...


I use the below to get SQL Server OS drive partition\volume information SQL Server per instance in both GB and MB. INFORMATION: This is using a SQL system DM (sys.dm_os_volume_stats) and sys.master_files table with the CROSS APPLY to get the volume information from which that instance can see. It then does mathematic calcutations (e.g. dividing by 1024 a ...


select @@SERVERNAME ,UPPER(dovs.volume_mount_point) AS [drive] ,max(CONVERT(BIGINT,dovs.available_bytes/1048576.0)) AS [Free(MB)] ,max(CONVERT(BIGINT,dovs.total_bytes/1048576.0)) AS [Total(MB)] ,max(CAST(CONVERT(BIGINT,dovs.available_bytes/1048576.0)/(CONVERT(BIGINT,dovs .total_bytes/1048576.0)*1.0)*100 AS INT)) AS [Free(%)] FROM ...


I use below query for my servers on SQL 2008R2 and SQL server 2005: It involves enabling and configuring Enabling Ole Automation Procedures, within the script and later uses xp_fixeddrives to gather the info. See if below helps. /*******************************************************/ /* Enabling Ole Automation Procedures */ sp_configure 'show advanced ...


No, it shouldn't because that is not a server level event that the cluster would be aware of when it happens. I seem to recall coming across an article that referenced specific events that could cause a failover but can't find it right now.

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