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My field avgObjSize was around 6442 bytes. I chose a random document in my collection, I typed : Object.bsonsize(db.collectionName.find({"_id" : ObjectId("5508497c51a990da07b07106")})) And I obtained 810 bytes. Why do I have this huge difference ? The db.collection.find() method returns a cursor, so what you have calculated is the ...


Before start, please note that external keys are usually bad as primary keys, because they are larger than needed, they can change and some people may not have one, or have duplicated ones (even if legally that shouldn't happen). Speaking correctly, the EIN is a code of 9 digits. As such, the technically correct value should be a string. In particular, for ...


There is no a definitive answer. Anyway I suggest, if possible, to store tempdb files in different LUN. But it is worth only if tempdb is under pressure. In my environment I use shared storage also for tempdb for performance reasons: my local disks are slower then shared storage via EMC.

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