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Community Wiki answer generated from a question comment by a_horse_with_no_name Create symbolic links on the slave that match the mount points of the tablespaces on the master.


First, as already stated, MAX_SIZE means the maximum segment size in blocks. Second, *_FREE_SPACE views do not take into account the maximum size of autoextensible datafiles, so people using them usually end up asking why it returned incorrect results, or having false alarms. You could just use the built-in view DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS. If you want ...


The way you have acquired the tablespace size is incorrect. MAX_SIZE(NUMBER) returns Default maximum size of segments (in Oracle blocks). You can query dba_data_files and dba_free_space to get the result Following is the exceprt of monitoring script that we have been using. SELECT * FROM (SELECT a.tablespace_name, ...


When we put the tablespace in backup mode Oracle copies whole changed data blocks into the redo stream in order to make the backup safe from fractured block. Copying whole data block instead of only the change may degrade the performance. Oracle strongly recommends to put the tablespace in backup mode only when required. What Happens When A ...

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