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You can need space used on INDEX too, so to calculate space used on TABLE and INDEX we can execute this statement below: SELECT T, table_name, sum(bytes) as sum_bytes FROM ( SELECT 'TABLE' as T, segment_name table_name, owner, bytes FROM dba_segments WHERE segment_type = 'TABLE' ) WHERE owner in UPPER('&owner') GROUP BY T, table_name, ...


It depends on your data (and this assumes that you don't care about the different behaviors of the two data types). You can put together a test with sample data that is similar to what you're actually storing to find out what approach will use less space. I'll create a table num_test with two different columns, one declared as a number and one as a ...


You can do it programatically by querying the catalog. However, there is no command like in DB2. You can query the view SYSCAT.TBSPACES and look for you tablespace. If it exists drop it, then create a new one.

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