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If you want to restore on a different server, you should be able to do so with the certificate, private key and database backup file(s). When a certificate is created in any database in SQL Server, it is part of an encryption hierarchy. The certificate itself only contains a public key, which needs no protection, however, the database will also contain a ...


We have recently implemented TDE along with AlwaysON in Production running SQL Server 2014. In our application, we noticed a slight (1-3%) increase in CPU utilization. Your environment is different, so do a thorough load testing with some realistic PROD datasize. Takeaways from embracing TDE : Backup compression and TDE does not go hand in hand i.e. You ...


Transparent data encryption guarantees the data is always encrypted at rest, implying even the backups are encrypted, no matter where they are physically stored, be it tape, disk, a DVD, etc. Encrypting data at rest is a great way to control who sees the data, even if someone misplaced an entire copy of the database or a steals a database backup.

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