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When you restart the service or reboot, the buffer pool and plan cache get wiped out as a result, and so when the server starts back up again, they don't get loaded until users start executing queries. What you can do to mitigate this is have a stored procedure aimed at simply running some queries that will load up your most frequently-used data into ...


There is no a definitive answer. Anyway I suggest, if possible, to store tempdb files in different LUN. But it is worth only if tempdb is under pressure. In my environment I use shared storage also for tempdb for performance reasons: my local disks are slower then shared storage via EMC.


What is the autogrow model for the TempDB files? Tiny increments will incur many small autogrowths whereas large increments will incur fewer, but more intensive, growth routines. Presumably TempDB is growing because queries that are running on the server are constructing a lot of temporary tables, table variables, or cursors and so on? Is it known what ...

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