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Tempdb won't be available for you in the Mantainance Plan database list box, but you sure can run it as a script: DBCC CHECKDB(N'tempdb') WITH NO_INFOMSGS According to Mr. Brent Ozar, you SHOULD check tempdb for integrity, and if Brent is saying that, that is good enough for me. regards


Even if you have plenty of DRAM, tempdb may still be used. This happens in a few situations: Snapshot isolation: Using this feature can create a lot of tempdb activity. Hash and sort Spills: When the optimiser creates a query plan, it will try to estimate the total amount of memory it needs to run the query. Before the query runs, the estimated memory is ...


This doesn't answer your question, however I thought you might find it helpful to see if there have been any recent log growths: /* Description: display growth events for all databases on the instance by: Max Vernon date: 2014-10-01 */ DECLARE @Version NVARCHAR(255); DECLARE @VersionINT INT; SET @Version = ...

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