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Individual queries don't use parallelism? So what? If you have two completely different users running different queries at the same time, they too can make use of different tempdb files. Of course it doesn't help all that much if you have four tempdb files all on the same volume - the real gain is when you can spread it out into multiple I/O paths. Hard to ...


This code is from a system stored procedure called sp_spaceused, which returns the amount of allocated space (pages) for database objects. Look for home-brewn monitoring jobs or maintenance scripts that may be running a bit too frequently.


I have posts on this same subject, but for MySQL and PostgreSQL Feb 06, 2014 : MySQL on SSD - what are the disadvantages? Jun 25, 2013 : Postgres Write Performance on Intel S3700 SSD I hope my old posts give you insight into doing this for SQL Server


RAID 1 is less suitable for any of Data file, log file and tempdb file. Although RAID 1 provides redundancy by mirroring and also provides bit of a fault tolerance it is kind of outdated with arrival of RAID 5 and RAID10(or RAID1+0). Best is to keep data, log and tempdb on differnt physical drives which are configured either in RAID 5 or RAID10. RAID 10 is ...


Everywhere I have read on internet comes down to recycling SQL Server...surely there has to be a better way...anyone? No this is a temporary solution. I guess you posted same question before could you please tell what is total size of database you have in your SQL Server instance. Size of tempdb depends on how much your queries are using it. It cannot ...


Note: this post might be useful too: Issues with TempDB mdf file ever increasing Unless you can figure out what process is using that work table (and can safely kill it), I'd have to agree with what your searches have already yielded: cycle the server and you should be able to shrink tempdb. A different question has dealt with figuring this out for #temp ...

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