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Watch for the high activity again; when you see it, start a server side trace or if necessary use Profiler briefly to see what's going on. Alternately, use a packet sniffer like Wireshark to capture raw wire activity. Check dm_exec_cached_plans to see if that gives any idea what's going on. Watch dm_io_virtual_file_stats to see which files in particular, ...


Both references are valid and will resolve correctly, but the #temp table is created under the dbo schema. Same answer (on your system, some number I couldn't possibly guess): SELECT OBJECT_ID('dbo.#MyTempTable'); SELECT OBJECT_ID('SomeSchema.#MyTempTable'); Same answer (both 1, which is dbo): SELECT schema_id FROM sys.tables WHERE [object_id] = ...


You can simply change the initial size of the files and accordingly shrink the file after that. The issue is that updated size is not reflecting in the file size and hence the available space is in negative. Hope this helps.

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