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You may want to consider using the query that will show you free space in the log and free space in the data file. If you add them up you'll get the similar value as the SSMS is showing. This is an excellent query which does just that: DECLARE @log_used DECIMAL(19,7); CREATE TABLE #x(n SYSNAME, s DECIMAL(19,7), u DECIMAL(19,7), b BIT); INSERT #x EXEC('DBCC ...


For SQL Server 2000 → 2014 I generally agree with Paul Randal, that this is something you could always turn on, but I do have a little bit of hesitation to say it should always be on and you should leave it on regardless of what you observe (with or without adequate testing). People can have poorly set up tempdb configurations, for example not enough ...


Yes, Instant File Initialization works on TempDB Data files. As with any other database, it doesn't work on the log file. See Aaron's Blog Post to see where he shows IFI working with TempDB via setup.

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