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For table names, you can prefix your tables with t, tbl, etc. CREATE TABLE schema.tuser Personally, I like to make my tables plural, as if it's a table of users, rather than a table of user. CREATE TABLE schema.users If you don't like either of those options, you can always be more descriptive when making your tables. What kind of users are they? What ...


Put some context in the name. If the table is for a CMS, maybe name the table CMS_USER. If it's a reporting tool, REPORT_USER. You could include the application name in it, as ${applicationName}_USER. Failing those, would just APPLICATION_USER be OK? I did once see a table named UZER, along the tradition of naming a variable representing a class as clazz, ...


I often use non-English words, for me usaideoir (Irish) or utilisateur (French). Pehaps for you, benutzer (German), felhasznalo (Hungarian) or korisnik (Croatian)? Accents have been removed. I know it adds to the typing, but it can save time when you want to port to a new db - no quotes. Anyway, quoting identifiers is a notorious source of errors.

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