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I know this is an older post, and I have personally had the same problem. Managing multiple SQL agent jobs across multiple instances, so I decided to create SQL Agent Insight, found here > http://brentec.ca. It is an evolving product and will get out of beta in the near future and it is continually being updated and suggestions are welcome. This is a project ...


Works for me with the latest version of SQuirreL. Make sure that you change the dialect to MySQL in the Alter Column dialog. Its just below the column name.


OK - the syntax for changing a column name in MySQL is ALTER TABLE table_name CHANGE old_col_name new_col_name COL_DATA_TYPE; However, it appears that the syntax generated by SQuirreL SQL is ALTER TABLE table_name ALTER COLUMN "old_col_name" RENAME TO "new_col_name"; I tried this with both the MySQL jdbc driver (from mysql.com) and the MariaDB driver ...

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