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Here is a good article that explains what the Transaction Log is, and why do you need one!


If you are sure that everything is replicated to all subscribers and you really need to shrink it right now, you can try this. Execute the following snippet inside your replication database. It will mark all replications as successful and your replication queue will be empty. Be sure that this is really the case! Otherwise you may loose some elements which ...


Direct answer to your question What would be the best course of action to reduce the log file sizes? In full recovery model only transaction log backup, perhaps frequent transaction log backup in your case, would truncate the logs and keep check on log file size. There is no other way to truncate logs. I strongly suggest you to read Why transaction ...


There are tools that allow reading of offline logs, but how to do it without 3rd party tools? You can't. That is why the third party tools exist.


I would suggest you run a profiler on the database with tsql replay and analyse the results. Another idea is to take a look at your plancache and check if there are query plans which will produce a huge overhead. Another idea is to run perfmon on the sql server and run a profiler too. That way you might seen some big write accesses which you correlate to ...


If you add the output clause at the end of each update statement with a COUNT(inserted.*) the counts of updated records will be returned as a result set. You could create a new table in a new database to store the results from your scheduled script or have the SQL Agent output the results to a file. Have a look at this answer for help with OUTPUT clause ...


Points: RAID 5 is a poorly performing configuration for database files especially for writes, and Partitioning is even worse. Yes, it works and is reliable, but it's definitely a low-performance disk configuration that I would only use myself for development or the most light-weight of apps. The standard configuration for the physical host of a SQL ...

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