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This issue never resolved. We dealt with this until migrating to SQL 2012 in October 2013.


the tracing was enabled for ODBC and it was reponsile for this file. I do not know why after Stoppin tracing from below screenshot all instances and agents was using this file and we have to stop them one by one until deleting was possible.


If fn_dblog is hanging you may try some third party tools from ApexSQL, RedGate or Idera. Or you can try to backup the transaction log file and use fn_dump_dblog just to exclude problems with an online transaction log. You can find more info on this DBA post


I just wanted to share what I did to work-around this problem in case someone else runs into it. Once again, the fundamental issue is caused by simultaneous changes being made to multiple publications, which share the same distribution database. After analyzing the code of the Microsoft queries, which are reported by the deadlock trace (see my original ...


It has been quite a while since I personally used replication, so I am not current on practical problems. A publisher with multiple subscribers is pretty common. However, Microsoft suggests using multiple Distribution databases when you have multiple Publishers. The following post has direction: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms183524.aspx ...

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