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The Query Timeout message you are seeing is your Distribution Agent timing out, not your Log Reader Agent. You need to increase your Distribution Agent profile Query Timeout parameter value to alleviate the error. Please see the section To view and edit the parameters associated with a profile in Work with Replication Agent Profiles to edit the ...


It depends on whether your local server is Enterprise Edition. If so, you can restore the database backup and leave it in NORECOVERY mode. You will not be able to directly access the database, but you can create a SNAPSHOT database which will be Read Only. That snapshot database can be dropped, the new TRL restored in NORECOVERY Mode, and recreate the ...


Please don't. You don't want replication. It's a data distribution technology: it's not suitable for HA. Just to name one of the many shortcomings of using replication for HA, you won't have automatic failover (which seems to be a requirement) and you'll need to code it yourself. If you need HA, pick one among clustering (you can have a two-node cluster ...


Put the distributor in a virtual machine, and use the hypervisor's high availability tools. This lets you survive host hardware failure. OS problems will still cause issues, though, so for an additional level of protection, you can run clusters inside virtualization.

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