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Giova's query brought into sharper focus the name of the publication; Pub 1 vs. Pub_1, for example. The difference between the two subscriptions was the under-bar, '_', character in the name of the publication. The subscription referencing the non-existent publication was deleted.


From looking at SQLServer Transactional Replication, it sounds like Londiste from Skytools3 would work well for this. As I understand it, one of the uses that Skype had for Londiste was to push data from their PL/Proxy OLTP setup into their data warehouse. This was set up to push data from multiple databases that have tables with the same table structure to ...


I see at least two options: if you don't need near-real-time replication, but just once a day (or maybe every hour) is enough for you, and the amount of data is small, you can quite simply create a script that will run in each remote location: connect to the local database do a dump of the local data (pg_dump --data-only should be fine) connect to the ...

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