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I ended up using F5 BIG-IP LTM Virtual Edition, because I didn't find any other free solutions, that fits my business requirements.


I've been experiencing the same thing. Worse yet my Snapshot gets selected as a deadlock victim and although the Snapshot and the Publisher think the Snapshot completed successfully, the Distributor never picks up the Snapshot files and does not play them into the subscriber. As a result when transactions affecting the new articles arrive the distribution ...


I have since come to learn, from this SO thread, that it is possible to do what I asked in my question. And it prevents rows inserted/updated/deleted on the source from being replicated to the destination.


I believe your DBA is referring to Publishing Stored Procedure Execution in Transactional Replication. With Transactional Replication you have the option to published the definition of the stored procedure or the execution of the stored procedure. Publishing stored procedure execution can provide significantly better performance for large batch operations ...


1) If we can set up the transactional replication between server A of version 2014 and server B of version 2012. Tried to Google out but could not find the exact documents because may be am looking somewhere wrong. Please suggest if it can be set up? For your replication to work, the PUBLISHER and DISTRIBUTOR should be on same version. The subscriber ...

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