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The problem is that the trigger was initially written with very simplistic logic and with minimal testing - it assumed that the update or insert could only ever affect a single row at a time. The line you are asking about is attempting to assign a single value to a variable from a table that may contain more than one row (triggers in SQL Server fire per ...


You want current_setting: SELECT current_setting('pubsubpull.request_id');


Thats correct you can not update the same table where the trigger is getting executed, however if you use before update you can set the st to 0 by checking the conditions something as DELIMITER $$ USE `smsdev`$$ DROP TRIGGER /*!50032 IF EXISTS */ `pageprivilege_update`$$ CREATE /*!50017 DEFINER = 'smsdev'@'%' */ TRIGGER `pageprivilege_update` ...

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