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It's a bug. This Connect ticket has a workaround for it from Kendra Little: I was able to work around this issue by temporarily adding a scheduled to the Utility Information collection (@collection_set_id=4) with the SQL command below. After doing this I was able to complete the data collection configuration via the GUI successfully. Afterwards I ...


Search for mysql-related packages that are now installed: rpm -qa | grep -i mysql Delete any packages like mysql, mysql-server, mysql-client, mysql-shared, mysql-shared-compat, mysql-libs. yum remove mysql-server You do not need to remove mysql library bindings like python-mysqldb, php-mysql, etc., unless they had a dependency with some of the previous ...


So there's a couple of ways that this can happen. The queries in the blocking database reference objects within the blocked database. The queries are waiting for tempdb to allocate pages and one query is blocking another query. There is memory pressure and queries are waiting for memory to be allocated so they have to wait their turn in the memory ...


They just released new server & driver packages (7/25/2014). I had the same issue with the old drivers but with the 7/25 release it is gone.

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