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In the simple recovery mode, as soon as a transaction finishes its log records are marked so that they can be overwritten but the transaction is still written to the log. There is no way to prevent SQL Server from writing to the transaction log. This means that a large transaction can still expand the log, if the current size of the log is too small. The ...


There is no way round the restriction with truncate as other answers have indicated, but you can of course use delete without disabling the constraints: delete from parent; Note that 'delete' and 'truncate' have different side-effects


In addition to Tom's and Shanky's answers, if your database contains LOB/BLOB data the DBCC SHRINKFILE may not work. If that is the case, then you have two options, depending on whether you can take the database offline or not. If you can take the database offline, then you will need to copy the data out and copy it back in to remove the empty space. You ...

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