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but there is no maintenance plan in place for the backup (e.g. they literally backup the files from the disk, so truncating does not happen). The recovery mode is FULL (SQL Server 2005). I guess previous users were taking file system backup which in my opinion is not best practice when you have important app running. You can never get point in time ...


Ball park - it will have to read 60Gb out of the log file, write 60Gb to the backup file, do some metadata operations for the log truncation itself and (optionally) move what's left of the log file if you shrink the ldf. For your average disk subsystem I'd expect you would be done and dusted in couple of hours, tops.


Well, if you are relying on the physical file backups, that is okay, you can take a transaction log backup and then shrink the 'log' file to a small amount and change the recovery model to simple because you are not planning to take log backups. However, to make the approach more sound, schedule the full and regular T-log backups so that you can restore ...

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