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In think your problem is that gourmet_id is declared as CHARACTER(30). If you change it to CHARACTER VARYING(30), it should work much faster. This is what happens: -> Seq Scan on counters c (cost=0.00..250342.85 rows=2725633 width=16) (actual time=0.009..1610.743 rows=2751732 loops=1) Filter: ((counter_name)::text = 'FnfHit'::text) Rows Removed by ...


How do I avoid sort in the explain result? Actuall I didn't ask any sort in the SQL Statement. You've asked for rows to be aggregated. One way to do this is to sort the data set and then scan it to collapse out duplicates. This can be faster than hash aggregation, which is the other way PostgreSQL knows how to do grouping. So while you didn't ...

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