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You're right, you probably did corrupt the files if you were copying them from a running server. I hope you shut down MySQL before you re-copied them. BTW, another option is to use Percona XtraBackup, which can create a fast physical backup from a running system (and it's free). I would recommend to examine your MySQL error log to diagnose the reason for ...


You need to visit the MySQL download page. Select your preferred platform (I prefer Debian Linux). And then select your OS-type (32-bit or 64-bit). Click on the Download button. It will ask if you want to Sign Up or Login, just choose the No thanks, just start my download. If you are downloading the .deb file on the terminal right click the link and choose ...


Yes this is normal. When RAM is no longer needed it is not freed at the same time. It is kept as cached in case the server would decide that it needs to access it again. This would save you extra time that you would otherwise need for data to appear in RAM. Cached memory is freed only when new applications request more RAM.


All you should need is: listen_addresses = '*' and then to modify pg_hba.conf to permit connections from the desired source. This is stated in the comments on the (very old) article you were reading. Try using the main PostgreSQL documentation, or up to date tutorials, in future. See: Connection and authentication settings Client authentication

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