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It took me about two hours to install this instant client. Then I figured out that there is a great graphical client available for Oracle DB, which would suit my needs better then oracle instant client. In case you are interested, here is info on how to install it on Ubuntu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/458554/how-to-install-sql-developer-on-ubuntu-14-04


try these commands on terminal : sudo mkdir -p /var/lock/subsys sudo chmod -R 777 /var/lock/subsys


I suspect you had MongoDB 2.4 installed previously. In MongoDB 2.4 the service was called mongodb and used /etc/mongodb.conf (ref: Install MongoDB 2.4 on Ubuntu). With MongoDB 2.6 there was an attempt to have more standard package names across Linux distributions, so the service was renamed to mongod (to reflect the actual daemon being started) and the ...


You loaded 25000 tables ? The INFORMATION_SCHEMA has to be taking a little beating. Why ? All table metadata must be maintained and updated in memory for every table, column and index. I have discussed this in the past Apr 22, 2014 : Do Inactive MySQL Databases Consume Memory? Apr 21, 2014 : Adding new tables -- memory usage increases Jun 15, 2011 : How ...

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