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What is the best approach to migrate all databases in single shot to the new instance without doing one at a time? Log Shipping is a very effective approach for a situation like this... Configure Log Shipping to the new server for all 8 databases. When ready to migrate, use this solution to fail over all databases at the same time. Run the script ...


For first you can configure log shipping to a new box. So at any given time you can switch to new box fast, but it will be impossible to revert to an old box if something happened after you have started to work with databases on a new box.


First thing i would like to highlight is you should have the system backups in addition to user databases handy when you said you need to migrate from SQL2k5 to SQL2k8R2. You can copy all the latest backups from the current server onto the Windows2K8 box you mentioned. Once copied, the first thing you should be looking is restoring the system database ...


Before doing any attempts for recovery make sure to have backup of data files. " tried to move the entire data dir." make sure my.ini has correct paths. Look at error that points at innodb_data_file_path. Do confirm your ibdata file(s) are at right location.


Choose Install database software only, then later you can upgrade your databases one by one with DBUA (Database Upgrade Assistant) from the new Oracle Home, or by performing a manual upgrade.

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