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For the records, I gave up trying this method and did it via pg_dumpall instead. Here is my earlier question in the unix area (with some more detail), and of course the PostgreSQL docs about upgrading where this is still the first method described (and obviously prefered).


1) No. You have to restart MySQL and that means downtime. 2) To minimize the downtime you need an identical server which you can switch to and back. The procedure on high level: you can build a passive master using percona-xtrabackup for example without downtime Set up master-master replication Upgrade the passive master to 5.6 and wait for it to catch ...


The short answer is yes, much the same as when you mirror from a lower version to a higher version. Make sure you do not have the 2016 as readable so it's not trying to upgrade the database version. That said I haven't tried this, just going on how log shipping/mirroring work. If it works it is only supported doing this as a means to upgrade, leaving 2014 ...

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