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I ran headlong into this one 6 months The only sane thing you can do is the following two steps STEP 01 Add this to my.cnf under the [mysqld] group header [mysqld] sql_mode = '' STEP 02 Login as root@localhost and run this mysql> SET GLOBAL sql_mode = ''; Restarting mysql is not required. STEP 03 (Optional) STEP 02 only affects incoming ...


You cannot upgrade from SQL Server 2008 SP4 to SQL Server 2014 evaluation edition. Its not supported and wont allow you please see Supported Version and edition upgarde You should not worry much about upgrading from 2008 Sp4 to 2014. The upgrade would not be a much of problem but how would application behave is thing on which you should focus. You can ...


No its not necessary to uninstall. I don't really like yum or apt for installing mongoDB. I suggest you to download the binaries from https://www.mongodb.org/dl/linux/x86_64 , linux/mongodb-linux-x86_64-ubuntu1404-3.1.0.tgz (or the v12) and use it to start mongodb.


I have addressed something like this already Oct 17, 2014 : Any known issues upgrading from MySQL 5.1.73 to 5.6.21? Jan 31, 2014 : Upgrading mysql myisam 5.1 to mysql 5.6: force innodb on restore? Apr 11, 2013 : MySQL upgrade 5.0.88 to latest Feb 08, 2012 : will replication from 5.5.20 to 5.0.XX server work? Jul 26, 2011 : Restoring an old backup to latest ...

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