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ISSUE #1 : Upgrade Path Your grant tables can get screwed up because you are leaping two versions instead of one. I just helped someone a week ago because they did just that (MySQL service stops after trying to grant privileges to a user). The solution for that question was to manually fix the mysql.user. Rather than going through that heavy-handed route, ...


I am adding this answer as it could be helpful and related to Inplace upgarde First you need to check using the link Thomas gave whether inplace upgarde you are doing is supported or not. After you are sure you meet the upgrade matrix you can proceed with two considerations If you are upgrading from enterprise evaluation edition to enterprise you do not ...


Do you mean upgrade from Evaluation to the full Enterprise? If so, then yes that is supported. Take a look at the link here on BOL to show supported edition upgrades (scroll towards the bottom, it has SQL Server 2014 upgrades between editions and what's possible).

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