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there is another way to reduce your bloat space when you can remove tuples in heap pages, this method use less adding space to reduce your bloat table. LIKE exp : pg93@db-172-16-3-150-> psql psql (9.3.3) Type "help" for help. digoal=# create table t_bloat(id int primary key, info text, crt_time timestamp); CREATE TABLE digoal=# insert into t_bloat ...


If your environment has disk space more than this table's "real data(after reduced)" size. you can use pg_reorg reduce this table's bloat space. or you can use londiste3 increment copy this table, and use less time to exchange. but if your env has no more space than this table, you can't reduce.


If you use anything but CLUSTER / VACUUM FULL / pg_repack you need to make sure there are no concurrent writes to the table. Take an exclusive lock on the table and do everything in a single transaction or, better yet, shut out all connections to avoid concurrent changes. TABLESPACE Yes, your last idea could work. Create a new tablespace on the other disk. ...


A manual vacuumdb should only be needed for special circumstances, like after running pg_upgrade or after doing some kind of bulk load or major maintenance. Otherwise, just let autovacuum do its thing. If your database is mostly idle at night, you can still do vacuumdb and it will concentrate the maintenance into the off hours so that autovacuum is less ...

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