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Is the autovac "to prevent wraparound" (as reported in pg_stat_activity)? If so, PostgreSQL considers that an emergency and refuses to yield the lock. Which is rather unfortunate in this case, as once you drop the table the situation will be resolved. But it doesn't know why you want the lock.


If no delete or update happened, autovacuum shouldn't process the table, per autovacuum_analyze_threshold. See Automatic Vacuuming for the relevant configuration parameters. You may set log_autovacuum_min_duration to zero to help figure out what's being autovacuumed. In any case, it is possible to completely disable autovacuum for a particular table, with: ...


If You use Linux you should list processes with ps aux and find Autovacuum process. Then just kill it(autovacuum should be working as another process if it's turned on).

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