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According to this page Redshift varchars use "4 bytes + total bytes for characters...". The varchar stored size is likely a much smaller issue with Redshift due to columns being compressed.


If it's the textual content of the files you are concerned with and you need to search that content, store it as [n]varvchar(max) and consider using a full-text index on the column. If the files are XML, consider storing the content using the xml data type. If the files are some format other than plain text and you want to preserve that format, use BLOB ...


It would depend on the size of the data you want to save in that field. You should know that there is a limit for VARCHAR, and that limit is in bytes, so number of characters that can be stored will depend on the character set you use. For example, if you use UTF 8, you will be able to store less amount of data. To sum it up, there is no "best" solution, ...

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