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The link provided by Martin Smith to an existing SO question provided me with the answer: The main restrictions are that foreign key relationships must be based on a single key to contribute to the simplification process


To improve performance you may create a copy of data from server A on server C and update it on a schedule or use replication, if possible. Sometimes it works, if you don't need too 'live' data. With OPENQUERY whole dataset is transferred each time the query is executed.


You can't create an Indexed view on linked server table. According to BOL http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms191432.aspx "The view must reference only base tables that are in the same database as the view."


PostgreSQL (true up to at least 9.4) doesn't currently support removing a column with CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW. The new query must generate the same columns that were generated by the existing view query (that is, the same column names in the same order and with the same data types), but it may add additional columns to the end of the list. There is no ...

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