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My goal with this question was to determine how mkstore could be scripted. Here is the method I came up with using Powershell. Here are the requirements: PowerShell is installed. Scripting is enabled (Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned run as administrator). The script is in c:\oracle\WalletCreator. Wasp.dll from Windows Automation Snapin for PowerShell is ...


I was able to figure out from the trace file that there was line in the sqlnet.ora file that it didn't like. I narrowed it down to the WALLET_LOCATION line and finally recognized that there was a missing parenthesis at the end of the line.


ORA-24247 is something you would get after you already have a connection and are trying to use a network resource (such as UTL_HTTP). It sounds like you need to create an ACL (Access Control List). See http://oraclepoint.com/oralife/2010/10/08/configuring-wallet-manager-to-enable-https-connect-with-oracle-11g-database/.


One way to do this is to specify an Advanced Connection Type and enter a custom JDBC URL as follows: jdbc:oracle:oci:/@myDatabase In addition the "OS Authentication" check box needs to be checked. This would seem to cause it to pass the OS username and password, but apparently (perhaps because I don't have NTS set as an authentication service in my ...

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