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Get all .ibd and .frm files into a zip or tar.gz and upload it on it will recover tables from .ibd files. tar zcf database.tar.gz /path/to/dir_with_ibd_and_frm


It seems you haven't added to service account as a database user to customdb: USE customdb; CREATE USER [NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM]; You will also need to grant the needed permissions on database objects to allow a minimally privileged user to access data. I suggest you do this via role membership to facilitate manageability: USE customdb; CREATE ROLE ...


Short answer: I recovered from backup During my work day, I do perform several mysqldumps of my work database and mysql. But I could not perform an import since it would fail with the same Error 1130. I stopped the db, I moved my data/mysql directory out of the way, and then dropped in my March 1st data/mysql. I restarted the database and found I could ...

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