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WAMPServer is primarily designed for use on a single machine i.e. a developer writing and testing code locally on that PC. So to protect the beginner from his/her self the Apache & MySQL configuration by default is setup so no access can be made to the Apache or MySQL server form anywhere but the PC running Apache and MySQL. When changing this ...


If you are access PHPMyAdmin from another LAN location then the Apache server needs to be able and willing to accept connections from other than localhost. This will probably mean simply ensuring that the port (80 by default) is open to the LAN and that Apache is likewise willing to serve to remote addresses (which I would expect it to unless you have a very ...


I haven't done it on windows, but I did it with mamp. I just had to allow the connection through the firewall. So open the ports got them or temporarily disable your firewall


I would so something like this. I presume that your patients will visit more than once and you will need a data set for each visit. Of course, you will need to add more columns, but this structure should allow for flexibility for reporting as well as data entry. CREATE TABLE Teeth ( ToothID INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY IDENTITY(1,1) , ToothPosition INT NOT ...

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