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Installs of MySQL for Windows is like drudgery but possible I usually use the no-install zip file. After installing it in an appropriate location, I go to the bin folder and run mysqld --install This creates the service called MySQL. Please make sure the my.ini is in the parent directory of the bin folder. Since you are installing different versions ...


I found a work around for the problem. I had to change the run as user to the current logged in user after first setting it to SYSTEM. This will prompt the user to enter the password. This change doesn't remove the radio selection on "Run whether the user is logged on or not" and pg_dump works with the current user. The nice thing is, the code runs silently. ...


It's because subst just gives you a drive letter alias for your current session; it's not a server level thing. This is not going to be possible using this command. Use the real path instead.

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