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Did you tried MySQL Administrator (v. 1.1.9)? With this program you can't use Excel to look into tables but you still have a very clear vision of the database and you can edit tables data like in Excel.


I think a GUI tool like SQLyog can help you in your case. The tools like Import External Data, Sync, Scheduling a job with the required query or even a time based scheduling will let you do what you are asking for. Also you can run batch scripts and execute queries as you want in the case of XML files. I would suggest you to try it once.


I really like your idea of inserting XML before and after images of the changed data. IMHO, it is not light weight enough for a trigger. I've changed the whole WHILE loop to the following (sorry for the different names) insert into audit (table_name, old_content, new_content) select @table_name, case when d.table_id is null then null else (select ...


Use a split string function of your choice and split on CRLF. select E.ID, ( select S.Item as Line from dbo.SplitStrings(E.Body, char(13)+char(10)) as S for xml path(''), type ) from dbo.Example as E for xml path('row'); Have a look at the blog post Split strings the right way – or the next best way by Aaron Bertrand for ...

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