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a graphical administration and development tool for PostgreSQL.
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a free tool for SQL & PL/SQL development and reporting similar to Quest's Toad or Allround Automations' PL/SQL Developer.
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Relational Database Management System, a widely used type of database management system characterised by its extensive use of joining as a core operational principle.
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a Java standard that provides the interface for connecting from Java to relational databases.
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Data Definition Language; defining database structures but not their contents.
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a task-based command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for automation of Windows tasks. It has become the defacto CLI for Microsoft products since the its re…
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About PostgreSQL performance optimization. It is essential to include sufficient information in your question as outlined in the tag info. For simple cases and beginners questions, please ask on http:…
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the practice of logically dividing or partitioning data, usually using a sprecific key (referred to as a shard key), and then placing that data on separate hosts (subsequently known as sha…
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a data infrastructure implementing a framework of geographic data, metadata, users and tools that are interactively connected in order to use spatial data in an …
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Entity Relationship Diagram
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Constructing a query at runtime with string concatenation operations and executing the query from that string.
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the configuration file for MySQL server, client programs, and utilities.
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MySQL Cluster : MySQL's Distributed Database
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A set of zero, one or more attributes, the value(s) of which are guaranteed to be unique for each tuple (row) in a relation.
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Database auditing involves observing a database so as to be aware of the actions of database users.
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For questions about Microsoft SQL Server Express (except Express LocalDB).
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Numerical sequence generation for automatic key creation
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A file with contents formatted as comma-separated values.
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An acronym for Common Table Expression. They are temporary, reusable subqueries that may be recursive.
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store transient data.
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the primary interactive terminal for PostgreSQL. (DO NOT USE THIS TAG for questions targeting PostgreSQL!)
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Defined like a view but holding persistent data like a table, Materialized Views are a feature of a number of RDBMSs including Oracle, DB2 and postgres. SQL Server has a similar feature called an Inde…
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an RDBMS product. Specific releases of the product are known as Oracle9i, Oracle10g, Oracle 11g and Oracle 12c. Generally there are two releases within each major version. Questions tagged *…
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SQL Cursor : Database Object That Provisions Access to Records in a Database
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The processes of creating a point in time copy of data.
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A database storage unit that groups related logical structures together.
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provides the infrastructure for queue-based asynchronous message communication between databases.
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Microsoft SQL Server's command line utility that allows you execute T-SQL commands from a command prompt.
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The set of rules that define the combinations of symbols that are considered to be correctly structured for that language.
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Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services 2012, and is part of SQL Server 2012. SSIS allows SQL Server to interact with other technologies, including import and export of data to and fro…
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