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created Oct 20 at 20:48
created Oct 20 at 20:10
created Oct 15 at 14:11
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a standard method for ensuring data integrity.
created Oct 15 at 13:42
PostgreSQL 9.4 : 2014 release of PostgreSQL
created Oct 10 at 13:55
An Oracle Database feature supporting data that is arranged in hierarchies.
created Oct 6 at 21:25
created Sep 26 at 12:40
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a type of SQL JOIN construct that returns all rows from at least one of the tables or views mentioned in the FROM clause.
created Sep 24 at 11:56
used to configure and execute Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages.
created Sep 22 at 20:28
a textual form of a non-textual value (e.g. a number).
created Sep 22 at 13:31
created Sep 18 at 10:46
created Sep 18 at 1:31
a consumer-analytics data warehouse system. Netezza Administrator is the portal product used to manage the Netezza product.
created Sep 11 at 15:07
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a subset of the SQL Server binaries designed to be used on Windows Server Core. Window Server Core provides a minimal environment with limited attack surface.
created Sep 10 at 15:55
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The TOP keyword limits the number of query result rows returned to the client by the DBMS.
created Sep 10 at 14:11