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created Nov 21 at 13:46
created Nov 21 at 13:46
the act of replacing meaningful data with non-meaningful, or "masked" data to be used during development, and testing, etc. This is generally used to protect personally identifiable i…
created Nov 20 at 18:51
created Nov 18 at 20:39
created Nov 18 at 13:17
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An open source (CodePlex) project started by Chad Miller. `SQLPSX` stands for SQL Server PowerShell Extension, that provides more intuitive cmdlets for interaction with SQL Server via PowerShell.
created Nov 15 at 1:16
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an edition of SQL Server Express without server installation. Application developers can use it to distribute a database with their applications without requiring the user to ins…
created Nov 12 at 20:01
Table-Valued Parameters (commonly referred to as TVPs) are a feature of Microsoft SQL Server. Introduced in SQL Server 2008, TVPs allow for sending a structured table of data to a stored procedure or …
created Nov 11 at 21:02
created Nov 11 at 14:29
created Nov 10 at 22:23
created Nov 6 at 14:24
created Nov 4 at 12:46
created Nov 4 at 0:14
a minimal installation of Windows Server that has no GUI.
created Nov 3 at 16:58
created Nov 3 at 4:19
created Nov 1 at 23:21
created Oct 29 at 15:00
created Oct 29 at 13:11
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a legacy PostgreSQL version, that is End of Life since November 2010.
created Oct 28 at 19:55
created Oct 28 at 16:46
created Oct 28 at 3:03
created Oct 28 at 3:03
created Oct 27 at 16:00
created Oct 27 at 16:00
the backup solution in the System Center product line from Microsoft
created Oct 26 at 7:03
created Oct 23 at 22:48
created Oct 23 at 22:43
a relational database management system from Actian that supports spatial data management capabilities, among others.
created Oct 23 at 13:55
specific to the flavor that runs on the IBMi, formerly known as the iSeries, and AS/400 before that.
created Oct 18 at 0:12