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a data-centric, object-oriented, procedural, programming language produced by Microsoft.
created Oct 1 at 20:32
created Sep 30 at 8:11
ACL refers to Access Control List. An Access Control List contains entries describing who or what has rights to the object the ACL is attached to. This tag should be used for questions relating to d…
created Sep 22 at 17:22
an Oracle package which provides an interface to administer the network Access Control List (ACL).
created Sep 22 at 17:22
Application roles provide a way to assign permissions to an application instead of a database role or user in Microsoft SQL Server.
created Sep 22 at 15:00
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created Sep 19 at 7:24
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used to specify criterion for retrieval or modification of rows from objects in a database.
created Sep 18 at 11:35
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created Sep 17 at 2:54
created Sep 15 at 15:42
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columns that represent a calculation or operation performed on other columns contained in the given table.
created Sep 5 at 12:44
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MySQL version 5.7 - please also tag with mysql for search purposes.
created Aug 29 at 20:00
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to denote questions concerning nested transactions.
created Aug 28 at 12:50
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a Microsoft SQL Server-specific term relating to the average amount of time buffer pages can be expected to remain in memory before being replaced.
created Aug 26 at 6:35