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comment Joining two tables
@RickJames I do try my best when placing on hold to provide guidance over and above the standard message. Migrate by flagging/voting to close as off-topic -> belongs on another site. Seriously though, you should bring your questions/concerns up in a Database Administrators Meta question or in the general chat room - comments aren't the right place.
comment DB2 - what happens when SQL archive log file reches its maximum value (S9999999.LOG)
We have a winner. Will be awarded as soon as I am able (24 hours after starting).
comment MYSQL INSERT takes too long and each next portion takes more than previous
Please consider expanding this self-answer a bit, so it is more likely to help future visitors. Ideally, you would also mark it as the accepted answer as soon as you are able (there is a 48 hour waiting period).
comment MySQL count rows values
Ok I understand, but you still need to improve the question before it can be reopened to answers. Take the quick site tour (<- link!) to learn a bit more about how this site works (it is not a forum :)
comment Using sp_getapplock to implement a queue. Is it correct? Is there a better way?
Have you seen Using Tables as Queues by Remus Rusanu? I'll revisit this question later when I have some free time, but my initial look suggests your approach is very reasonable.
comment GROUP BY uninterrupted sequence of logs for same location
The general algorithm needed is shown in a number of answers in the gaps-and-islands tag for different database platforms. One example for Postgres is here.
comment Do Nested Transactions commit?
You might want to think about editing this question to make the wording a little less subjective. See
comment How to restore replication after server crash
Please mark this as the accepted answer.
comment Replication error after server name change
Please mark this as the accepted answer.
comment SQL Server 2012 - Can't use AlwaysOn HA. What other options do I have?
Please don't edit your question to provide an answer - that's what answers are for! See
comment How do I quickly tell the structural differences between two databases?
Closed as duplicate and merged as requested.
comment Search a Redis Database
Bounty awarded for this and your other contributions in the [redis] tag.
comment Cannot connect to a SQL Server 2014 Express database intermittently
Great to hear you found a solution. Thanks for following up here. Please accept your own answer as soon as you are able (there is a 48 hour waiting period).
comment Upgrade from SQL Server Express Edition to SQL Server 2008 R2
Placing this question "on hold" until you edit it provide the requested information. Though, in all honesty, it's unlikely to be on-topic for this site even if you do. See the help center for more information.
comment How do I sum the counts of entries from multiple columns?
Please tag your questions with the product you are using .e.g MySQL. What should the output be? I'm going to close this question as unclear, but really it wouldn't be suitable for this site even if it were clear. Well-asked (but basic) SQL questions belong on Stack Overflow.
comment MySQL count rows values
Closing this because it is off-topic. It is not suitable for migration to Stack Overflow in its current form. This could be fixed with an edit - we would then either reopen it, or migrate as appropriate.
comment Aggregation by positive and negative values
Please tag your question with the version of SQL Server you are using. You originally tagged 2008 and 2008 R2, but your code uses LAG, which is 2012+. Also, a clear statement of the conditions leading to a change in group number would be appreciated.
comment How to download sqlplus for running sql commands in windows 8?
Beginner questions are off-topic here I'm afraid. You may find the answer you are looking for on Stack Overflow or Super User.
comment Oracle DBA Daily/Weekly/Monthly or Quarterly Routine Checklist/Tasks
Not sure I understand. Are you asking if separate questions like that would be on-topic? Seems likely to me they would, if not too basic or too broad. Some might already have been asked and answered here. Search to check Also check the help center for general on-topic guidance. If you're still not sure, Database Administrators Meta is the place to ask about these sorts of things.
comment Joining two tables
Basic SQL questions are currently off-topic here, please use Stack Overflow instead. When you need expert answers to more advanced database-related questions, please ask here.