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comment not able to restart the sql server after changing the data file location
I'm closing this question as off-topic because it is an exact copy of a question posted 12 hours earlier on Stack Overflow. Please choose one site (delete one copy of the question). Flag this question for moderator attention if you delete the SO question and want this one reopened.
comment not able to restart the sql server after changing the data file location
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comment not able to restart the sql server after changing the data file location
Is that path correct? D:\Programfiles? It usually has a space, as in D:\Program Files. Did you mistype the path when altering the file locations in SQL Server? You may want to refer to the instructions and advice in Move User Files
comment Oracle DBA Daily/Weekly/Monthly or Quarterly Routine Checklist/Tasks
Sorry, but "give me a list" questions are off-topic on most Stack Exchange sites (including this one!) because they become out-dated quickly, tend to generate lots of partial answers, and may attract spam or link-only answers. So, this may well be a good question, but it's not a good fit for our format.
comment Sql Dependency with Service broker working fine when sql server presents local system but its not working when database is at remote system
There's almost nothing in your question - no code, no details about the systems - that would enable someone to answer. "Guess my problem" questions often lead to extended discussion in comments and many low-quality answers, so this is off-topic as it stands. That said, in the spirit of being as helpful as possible, you should check the basics as covered in Using and Monitoring Query Notifications on Simple Talk.
comment Does the `Tomcat JDBC Connection Pool` call `rollback` when returning a Connection to the pool?
Given the successful outcome on the linked SO question, and the topic, I think this question will be a better fit on on that site.
comment Exactly what error is returned by PostgreSQL `FOR UPDATE NOWAIT` when a selected row cannot be locked immediately?
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comment column values combination
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comment Oracle 12c SYSTEM user locked out
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comment Sharing a database over the local network
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comment What is the right database for my use?
This type of question can be on-topic here but you will need to be much more specific. See the help center for more guidance, especially How to Ask and What types of questions should I avoid asking?
comment Create an “int” column forced between 0 and 3
@ypercube As I understand it (may be incorrect) the idea is not merely to check the value, but to force it to remain in the range, even if a mathematical operation would otherwise take it outside that range - rather than throwing a constraint violation.
comment Gigantic gaps in IDENTITY column
My inclination would be to trace the SQL commands generated by the application. It will probably be doing something unusual that I would then work out how to mitigate, and/or report as a bug. Oh, and I think the question about seed value actually meant to be about the increment.
comment What's better and faster — MySQL or XML based Filesystem
I'm closing this question because it is off-topic. See What types of questions should I avoid asking?
comment when I am executing this sql query it is taking 3 min time so i want to reduce that
Also, please merge your accounts.
comment SSIS Job “Argument ”ORARA********.xxxxxxx.COM“ for option ”connection“ is not valid. The command line parameters are invalid. The step failed. ” error
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comment Create Trigger to increase the latest duplicate number
Please read Help us to help you then edit your question according. Be sure to pay particular attention to the parts about sample data & desired results, and tagging your question with the specific database product and version you are using. I'll put your question "on hold" temporarily while you do that.
comment Selecting multiple rows as one row with “AS”
Agreed, the question is unclear at present. Placing this question "on hold" temporarily to give you chance to read and act on Vérace's answer, then edit your question to clarify.
comment How to copy tablespace from one database to another database in Oracle 11g
Possibly related question: Migrating a tablespace to a different database on the same ASM. If that does not answer your question, please edit to describe your situation and requirements more precisely.
comment Monitor disk usage with MongoDB Ops Manager
Seems on-topic here as a question about configuring a specific database tool to alert on disk space usage. Also see previous questions from this user for context.