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comment Oracle out-of-place upgrade on same host: impdp issues
REMAP_DATAFILE works, I found that solution but it took me a while to get the quoting/delimiting syntax correct. Can you expand on the session variables? I'm also having an issue with roles not importing, seemingly due to the fact that the object already exists.
comment MySQL Cluster Installation
can you provide your config files?
comment What is the best database design for this situation?
That adds a bit of complexity. You could have a CreditApprovalDetails table. If you need to link approvals to orders, you would need a join table, unless it's 1:1. However, without a full understanding of your application I can't make an informed suggestion.
comment What is the expected performance impact when dropping a large table
That said, any idea how MySQL will treat handle other queries during the drop? Should I expect issues with connection handling, or just overall slower performance due to increased file IO?