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I'm a part-time web applications developer. My expertise is on LAMP stacks, and develop my web projects with the Yii PHP framework. I use Git for source code versioning and know the administration basics for Linux servers. I've also used Drupal for a few web sites.

Contact me for a quote for your small-medium web application project.

Regards, Vasilis

comment MySQLdump on specific db date
Well explained!
comment Should master and slave have same mysql version?
You shouldn't worry much. As I said, test before using 5.5.30. If you can run this setup for some time, you will have more confidence that the different versions solution works fine (for your setup always). I guess you cannot upgrade the master to 5.5.30, this would be the best option.
comment MariaDB and XtraDB/InnoDB plugins
You're right. I've just issued the command and it shows: | InnoDB | DEFAULT | XtraDB engine based on InnoDB plugin. Supports transactions, row-level locking, and foreign keys | YES | YES | YES |
comment MySQL Error Reading Communication Packets
Very good explanation.
comment MySQL lost records in a master slave scheme
No problem, don't worry about it. :-)
comment MySQL lost records in a master slave scheme
We are already using the InnoDB plugin (I said it in my initial question) and as I recall, the InnoDB log buffer size is set to 48M, so both your suggestions were already set from the beginning. Thanks.
comment MySQL lost records in a master slave scheme
Hi, thanks for your detailed answer and sorry for the delay to reply. At the moment, I can't upgrade to MySQL 5.5, because I'm using the stable Debian Squeeze branch. Maybe when Debian 7.0 is released, the upgrade will probably be possible. What I did is to reinstall Debian in a new machine and delete all files from /var/lib/mysql and re-create from scratch (using MySQL 5.1.61). We created a batch test script to simulate the insertion procedure and this time, no records were lost. It seems that the issue went away. Thanks.