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comment mysql fine tuning: open_tables, opened_tables
Hi; Thanks for following this up; The advise on opened_tables is a much welcomed relief; my value doesn't change indiscriminately; I've also tested with a higher max-connections and in case of high volume queries, I'm now still able to login. However, using my current parameters and a max_connections value of 300 on this mysql memory calculator (mysqlcalculator.com), i'm seeing that im over-loading my server . Is this calculator reliable????? I have to read more on the file limits and see how to work this around in my configs. Thanks.
comment mysql fine tuning: open_tables, opened_tables
@RolandoMySQLDBA I'm running MySQL version 5.1 that comes pre-installed in ubuntu. My OS is Ubuntu Linux and that is 484MB memory. I believe the info on status variables is same across all >v.5.0 versions?
comment mysql show processlist hanging processes;
Hello Michael; Thanks alot for the response on both the user privileges and the idle thread. Both suggestions worked great! Bless You!