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Deep passionate of: software engineering¹, programming¹, hacking² and digital art³

About me:

  • I love to stay tuned with topics of game development, specially the heavy-demanding MMOs (rpg, action, action/adventure), concurrent / parallel programming, distributed systems, performance optimization, compilers, low-level programming, functional programming and machine learning.

  • A few languages that I follow are: c, c++, java, python, erlang, scala, go, javascript and lua.

As for what I do:

  • ¹ I build code engineered to be extremely reliable, fast and maintainable, aiming for tens or even hundreds of thousands of users. So, don't come up with "Don't worry about performance" to me.

  • ² I really got a hacker mindset that takes me to the deepest and farthest bits of the web to get what I'm looking for/interested in, and I'm really proud of it.

  • ³ Finally, but no less important, I'm a passionate enthusiast of digital art, specially when it comes to 3D: modeling, sculpuring, animating and VFX. I'm aiming to achieve a level good enough to become an artist for game development in the future.

Pleased to meet you! :)

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