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Hello there! My name's Jordan Earls and I'm a programmer. Recently, I've been doing almost exclusively work in .Net with C#, a bit of raw IL, and in some cases a hefty serving of code generating T4(it's the meta-future!). Sometimes I do a bit of embedded/electronic work with C and C++(http://mbed.org rocks, btw). And finally, I have at least some competence in Ruby, Delphi, and Javascript.

I currently work for PreEmptive Solutions on the Dotfuscator team and troll the dotfuscator tag on occasion.

Most of my personal projects are open source and BSD licensed. The majority of them are at bitbucket with the rest of them being listed on github

Also, you can follow me on the twitters @earlzdotnet

comment How can I prevent SSMS from re-writing my code when saving a view?
There are a few graphical SQL tools out there that are decent and won't do stupid stuff like this
comment Still wrong to start the name of a user stored procedure with sp_?
"What do your co-works expect to gain from doing so" see also Hungarian Notation. Basically, it's a 90s thing for the most part. Also, at my past job the standard was to prefix every stored procedure with sp_ so that they could be differentiated from other things and no name conflicts... I had no idea this performance problem existed with it.
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