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Previously Senior Software Developer at Crowdsurge in London, currently at fanatix.

Particular interest in systems and software design for HA environments. Always up for a challenge and enjoy learning new stuff. Looking for work which has a solid basis in design and I always seem to be involved in moving things forward. I enjoy leading and working within a team.

Currently actively interested in the workings of SOA. New technologies (for me) Neo4j, Nodejs, Python, GoLang, RabbitMQ, 0MQ. AWS.

Recent technologies: Sandboxing with Vagrant, chef. Cluster architecture (migrated from single server arch. into cluster infrastructure). Nginx/php-fpm in a cluster.

Spent time at Crowdsurge learning Go from the perspective of a PHP developer.

Experienced in OO PHP, Zend Framework development. Javascript 'pure' and using jQuery, also Nodejs, and some Angularjs. Relational Db: SQL Server, mySql. NoSql using CouchDB and MongoDb, and Lucene.

Agile/Scrum approach. SCM: Git, github, bitbucket, subversion.

Big fan of devops tools such as: etcd, redis, elasticsearch, newrelic and statsd.

Previous experience includes system admin for a disability charity in West London and Web developer at Mediatel Group Ltd in London.

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comment SQLite UPDATE two tables from VIEW or TEMPORARY TABLE
You can't store data in a view, it is a way of storing a query to get a 'VIEW' of the data you are interested in. A temporary table is just that, a table, thus you can run all the table operations against it. I recommend making heavy use of the MySql online documentation and trying out a few things yourself. See this SO question for how to do an INSERT..SELECT stackoverflow.com/questions/5391344/insert-with-select
comment MySQL Queries taking too long to execute
You should check for over-indexing in this situation and as you are sharing the server with the apache you might be running into resource issues if there is any load to speak of. Adding the information suggested by @Michael-sqlbot is a very good starting point.
comment SQLite UPDATE two tables from VIEW or TEMPORARY TABLE
Have you tried prototyping the query in smaller sections instead of creating one big blob. Additionally have you tried creating a temporary table instead of a temporary view in your second example.