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Unix/Linux software developer in dozens of languages since 1981 with 15 years in Oracle database design and administration.

Projects (most recent first)

  • Developing Zim desktop wiki (for notes) to GtkDialog conversion program to allow automatic creation of checklists for installs, etc. from Zim notes pages. Utilizes bash and 600+ line awk program.
  • Conversion from Tomboy/GNote to Zim for all writing.
    • Zim links to execute or edit scripts with Geany
  • Migrating from Ubuntu Linux to Puppy Linux due to dislike of Unity and Gnome3.
  • Save the world (or at least my sanity) by re-electing President Barak Obama and rescuing congress from the fanatics now running it.
    • 2012-11-06 DONE
      project scope change...
      part 2 improved but not completely doable at this time
  • JavaScript/jQuery-based composing and programming environment inspired by Jeremy Ruston's TiddlyWiki.

comment Mysql key_buffer_size already 16GB but some fulltext searches are still slow
This will sound counter-intuitive, but learned from working with large data with high demand a few years ago that buffers can be too big. Searching memory buffers usually does not use the highly-optimized-for-speed techniques employed for disk access as it's unnecessary. Today's memory buffers though are as big as disks of just a few years ago. There's a point of diminishing returns where a smaller buffer will actually be faster.
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