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I like to program. Generally for me this involves writing web apps in Python using the Django framework.

I'm also working my way through the Project Euler problem set as I get used to test-driven development. It's fun, like programming should be :D

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comment Using MongoDB and PostgreSQL together
To potential answerers: please feel free to provide an answer! As this question has survived fairly long without a "perfect" answer, however, I intend to answer the question with a full postmortem of the experience once we've implemented and moved to production. It might be a year in the future, but don't worry - OP will deliver. I expect that is what those who have favorited/upvoted this particular question would find most useful: verification that it works or an explanation of what roadblocks killed the side-by-side option.
comment Using MongoDB and PostgreSQL together
These are all great suggestions. I had mentioned using hstore/json before (and had silently discounted xml, because, well, xml) but I hadn't thought of using them in the way you recommend. On top of all this, the Postgres 2 phase commit suggestion is gold. I'd had no idea this existed. Thanks for the great suggestions.
comment Phantom Table in MySQL
Ahhhhhhh. That makes perfect sense. Make it an answer?
comment Phantom Table in MySQL
It is, but it shows up in the omitted portions [... columns on widget_signups ...] as widget_signup.widget_date
comment ANSI/ISO plans for LIMIT standardization?
Ahh, very cool. I liked the LIMIT keyword keyword from MySQL and PSQL but I'm not married to it and it will be a relief to have m queries working in a cross RDBMS way.