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comment How to Resolve a Case of "The tablix 'xyz' contains an invalid DataSetName in SSRS?
welcome to the forum! Lots of great contributors here.
comment Two instances sharing same system database?
I don't know of any way a db file can be shared between 2 instances. Is it possible one of the names is an alias? open the sql config manager and see if there is a alias set for the instance.
comment Performance of VIEWs with UNIONs in different databases
To add to @Steve's suggestions, you could also look into transactional replication. You would need to set up the publications for each db set up a distributor, and create the subscriptions to write into a new reporting db. This can all be done on the same system, but there is overhead associated with it. It is real time, but read up on it to see if it fits. -Chris
comment How to restore SQL Server 2008 R2 database to newly installed SQL Server 2008 R2 instance?
Don't forget since you've moved to a new instance you will need to grant the user accounts access again at the instance level. If they are AD accounts you can just add them to the instance, if they are SQL accounts, you need to "resync" the logins. It's discussed in this thread…
comment SQL Server 2008 transaction log full
Does your process include deleting all the data in all of the tables first, then bulk loading them?
comment Where to start learning to understand SQL Server architecture and internals?
Thinking a little more about this question. If a person has very little knowledge and/or experience, then I actually would suggest getting a certification. A lot of research and work by a lot of very talented individuals go into them, and if are honest with the course work, then it pays off. I am not saying people have to get certified for every piece of SQL Server they want to concentrate on in order to work with it. What I'm saying is getting a certification by using the research done by others is a great place to start. Certs and degrees don't make the DBA, that's up to the indiviual.
comment Where to start learning to understand SQL Server architecture and internals?
@MarkStorey-Smith, I agree about the cert tag. I've interviewed people with certification and or degrees, and it really comes down to the person and the environment. But if you are starting from nothing, and have no experience having a certification is faster than getting a degree and to me shows enough initiative to warrant an interview. Of course the certification could also be a byproduct of the cheat sites, which generally shows in the interview. But the point I was trying to make was follow the course structure, learn about all the parts before you start the deep dives books. ;)
comment Get Job id OR Job name from within executing job
I was working with the tokens earlier, but abandoned them because I couldn't get them to work correctly with powershell. I'm debugging now. Thank you both very much.
comment Tools to migrate from SQLite to PostgreSQL
Thanks! I'm personally more experienced with SSIS, but that comes with SQL Server and you have to pay for the SQL license. Pentaho is an ETL tool and is capable of migrating data from source to destination. You'll need the correct drivers to communicate with the source / destination. There is a bit of a learning curve with any of the ETL tools, but it's another tool in your toolbox, eh? There will be several steps 1 for migrating data, another for migrating DDL changes. I would start with 1 - just move the data(easier step), once you get that down, you will be more comfortable to proceed.