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Jon Haddad

I'm currently employed at DataStax as a Technical Evangelist.

I built SHIFT.com, answerbag.com, livestrong.com, automd.com. Current project is splitmytab.com. Over a decade in tech.

I've worked with Cassandra, Redis, Elastic Search, MySQL, Spark, Postgres, MongoDB, Neo4j, Titan, Python, Scala, and PHP.

Here and there I've worked with Java, C#, C++, Go, D, SQL Server, but am by no means an expert in any of them.

I've managed operations as well. Puppet, Salt, Docker, deployment strategies, buildbot, jenkins.

For virtualization I'm familiar with KVM & LXC (and Docker).

I've deployed hundreds of servers in AWS, including a 12 node Cassandra cluster which sustained over 150K requests a second.