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I am an Advocate, Owner and Developer at Cee Emm Infotech.

I have not taken any kind of Computer Education. I love to do Programming and learn many Languages which are:

  1. C/C++
  2. PHP
  3. MySQL
  4. VB6
  5. JavaScript
  6. ASP [little bit]
  7. HTML5
  8. Assembly [Currently Learning]

With support of these I had developed and Launched Law CD's and the LawMirror.com (Online Legal Resources).

comment Building a custom database in C with/without SQL?
@JNK Kindly open the question again as many are showing interest in this question
comment Building a custom database in C with/without SQL?
@JNK I want to resolve the issue of Full Text Search with Encrypted Database that Deeply Embedded in my Application
comment Full Text Search with Encryption SQL Vs NoSQL?
Thanks for the replies guys but I want to know where the db is about 10-20 GB and wanted full text search support with encryption which one would be better and fast. The application would be used Online and in Client Application.