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Full stack developer on FastTrackGov @ Mitchell Humphrey in St. Louis, MO. Going on 10 years (2016). We mostly use c#/.Net and JavaScript to build our application. Dabble in windows administration - just enough to be dangerous - setting up virtual environments for development in Virtual Box and then Hyper-V. Just enough installation experience to, again, be dangerous... mostly using WiX Toolset, though recently used Wise community with VS2015. Challenges are keeping up with a rapidly changing UI from Microsoft and regularly changing APIs (something is deprecated and replaced about every 3 years) on both the client and server side. Hoping to see it stabilize around WebAPI. For reporting, Dynamics provides an extremely challenging database design where the only access goes through views built w/ UDFs in their joins. It makes SSRS development challenging but fun, with ridiculous execution plans.

Outside of that, for hobbies/reading lately, you can find me watching Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Daredevil, or Bates Motel w/ the wife, listening to Hamilton a couple times a week, reading Ron Chernow's Alexandar Hamilton, The Federalist Papers, TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 1, Node.JS in Action, playing Rocket League, jogging, learning French, gradually trying to learn more about distributed programming, or learning iOS/Swift. Needless to say, each progresses slowly.

I recently attended Brent Ozar's SQL Server Performance Tuning class. I'd like to be more responsible for the SQL in our stack (Dynamics drives most of our data access layer).