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I am a doctoral candidate in the Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics and Scientific Computation program in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Maryland. I also work full-time at the Social Security Administration in the Office of Retirement Policy doing computational modeling of the effects of policy change on program benefits. Previously, I worked in Office of the CIO on the agency's implementation of the Open Government Initiative, and before that, on vision, strategy & innovation and health IT initiatives at the agency. Prior to Federal service, I worked at BAE Systems doing work on signal processing for underground imaging. These jobs have been done while also working on my dissertation analyzing Federal budget historical data using techniques from signal processing, computational harmonic analysis and dimensionality reduction, under the supervision of the late Professor Dennis M. Healy, Jr. (d. 2009), and Professor Wojtek Czaja and Dr. Jason J. Fichtner.

As you may see from my profile and my online CV (see My Website above), I have considerable experience in software and algorithmic development, as well as significant classroom experience with mathematics related to computing, signal processing and data reduction. I am interested in applying this knowledge to difficult problems involving the processing of large data, both numerical and textual. In addition, I have experience in business communications, business process analysis and information technology solutions for business problems.